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Q: Are donations to African LEAF or Sponsorship commitments tax deductible?

Answer: At this point, Donations and Sponsorship fees are not tax deductible. We are in the process of making application to the Australian Taxation Office/AusAid to acquire tax deductibility as a registered charity. We’ll post any changes to this situation on our website, as soon as we have further developments.

Q: What is the difference between Donations to African LEAF and Sponsorship of a child through African LEAF?

Answer : Broadly speaking, Donations can be made in the form of a financial contribution or goods/materials. Please refer to the Donations Page for more information on these matters. Sponsorship refers to the financial commitments undertaken by sponsors in respect of the child/children they have committed to. Currently, the cost of sponsoring a child through African LEAF is $61 per week. For full details of sponsoring a child, please go to the Sponsorship Page.

Q: What percentage of Sponsor’s fees will go to the child’s upkeep?

Answer: 100% of all monies given as Sponsorship fees are given to the school where the children are living. This way you can be assured that the child you are sponsoring is receiving the maximum benefit. Please refer to the Sponsor’s Page for more information.

Q: What percentage of Financial Donations go directly to those who need it?

Answer: We try very hard to ensure that at least 90% of all financial donations go directly to aid the work of African LEAF in and around Nairobi, such as supporting Kalama Kindergarten and Familia Moja (  Whilst the majority of people who work for African LEAF are volunteers, like any organization there is a need for a part-time paid administrator as well as associated office and administrative expenses.

Q: Am I the only sponsor for my sponsored child?

Answer: Yes, usually only one individual or family sponsors each child. Staff at some businesses choose to pool their money and arrange sponsorship of one child that way. In some circumstances, it is also possible for 2 separate people to co-sponsor a child.

Q: Can I send parcels to my sponsored child?

Answer: Whilst we at African LEAF appreciate your desire to give generously to your sponsored child, the issue of parcels has become problematic for the following reasons.

Some countries have very high duty levels on imported goods, very much out of proportion to the actual value of the goods sent. Delivery can be unreliable or sporadic, therefore not guaranteeing that the goods will arrive intact, or at all. The third and most important point in relation to this issue is the fact that children receiving numerous or expensive gifts, may feel tension or animosity towards them from children who do not receive as much.

Against this background, we have a policy generally which does not allow for the sending of parcels as such .If you are travelling to Kenya, or know someone who is, there is no problem sending a small parcel with a few inexpensive treats in it. A few examples of appropriate goods to send are;

Pencils (lead and colouring in), pens, erasers, rulers, bookmarks, ribbons, stickers, postcards, pictures of your family, small picture books, Frisbee, happy sack, soccer ball, ball pump and valve to fit ,inexpensive jewellery and nail polish.

Please do not send anything which requires electricity to run it (this includes CD’s, DVD’s etc) or anything which requires batteries. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Q: Can I volunteer to work with African LEAF in Kenya ?

Answer: Currently we have no facility in which to utilise the work of volunteers. This may change in future and will be added to this website should any change occur.