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4.1 The objects for which the Company is established are:

(a) To raise funds for orphaned children in  Kenya and other African countries, who have been orphaned through the death or desertion of their parents and primary carers as a result of disease including AIDS;

(b) To relocate children from the slums of Nairobi and other African cities;

(c) To provide a safe living environment for orphaned children in Africa;

(d) To provide full-time care facilities and which can providepermanent housing accommodation for orphaned children in Africa who have been orphaned in accordance with clause 4.1 (a), where thosee children can be fed, clothed and educated in a caring environment;

(e) To convene and hold information conferences for the discussion, consideration and advancement of the health and welfare of orphaned African children, orphaned by diseases including AIDS, and those affected by poverty and disease in Africa;

(f) To disseminate accurate informative educational material in relation to the suffering and disadvantage of children living in Kenya and other African countries;

(g) To provide a forum for education and promotion of the role of the Australian community in providing assistance to children who have suffered as a result of diseases including AIDS in Kenya and other African countries.